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Eagles@Redskins: MNF Breakdown

October 26, 2009 Newsletter

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The Skins are in trouble!  Zorn is supposedly riding out the season, Synder is getting pooped on by everyone, a bingo MC is now calling our offensive plays and the list goes on.


The Skins are in the bottom 3rd of league in every offensive category except FG kicking!  I guarantee you that will be important tonight.  Samuels going down is a huge factor and since the Skins could barely score previously, I just do not see how they can suddenly start putting up points tonight.  Not to mention they have yet to play a team with a WIN!!  If the Skins struggle to move the ball in the open field, I can only imagine the difficulty in the red zone that they rarely taste anyway.


Everyone talks about how the Skins D is the only shining part of the 2009 debacle.  While Haynesworth is a beast and the unit is 6th in points allowed, who have they played?  Giants, Rams, Lions, Bucs, Panthers, Chiefs…ewwwww.  What are we to really believe?  You also have to consider the fact that the rush defense is 23rd and Westbrook always presents problems especially on all those annoying screens Reid loves to call.  This will be a test for the Skins defense and prove whether or not they have a real top notch defense or its been all blinders.


Offense: I do not care what anyone says, Westbrook is not the same player he once was but can still create problems given the right situation.  Additionally, Eagles Oline has been banged up with injuries and still not in tip top shape.   McNabb and Jackson present real problems and in my opinion Jackson is the best WR, on a good team, the Skins have faced.  Calvin and Smith are on hurtinngg teams so watch for this duo to give Hall all sorts of problems.

Defense: The Eagles came out early this season with a stifling defense and still give up limited yards because their passing D is solid.  McNabb’s absence affected some of the numbers since Kolb was at the helm but again I have to question the Eagles since they have only played the Saints thus far.  Panthers, Chiefs, Bucs, Raiders…..double ewwww.  Fat Trotter is back has middle LB since Gaither is out, but he knows the system well.  Watch out for Trent Cole, fast has hell on the end!

Niko’s Pick
Believe it or not, the Skins have won the last 2 matchups and last 3/4.  Tonight I think the Eagles have way more to lose than the Skins.  The Skins are past all the media heckling for the awful performances and coaching.  What do they have to lose?  It is all about motivation and I have to think this game on MNF is the LAST and ONLY chance for the Skins to prove they are not in the same conversation as Rams, Chiefs, Bucs ect…


The Eagles are in need of a comeback performance from last week but all stats point to a close game.  JC nor McNabb have NOT thrown a TD in the last 2 matchups against each other and past five games these teams have played within 8 points.  Division games are tough because these teams know each other very well.  If the Skins can just focus on taking Westbrook out of the game and defend these dump off screens, I have to think the defense will keep this one close.  Skins offense is so freakin pitiful that I cannot even imagine 5+ play drives, can you?  With the Skins reputation on the line and make or break game for the remainder of the season, do something….please!  Plus, all the favorities are mopping up, Skins curb the momentum.


Skins +8 – 200 Point Rating


Broncos@Chargers: MNF Breakdown

Niko’s Monday Night Special

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Broncos @ Chargers (-3, 43.5)

This game is as tough to pick as they come.  While I think the bye does help San Diego so they can refocus on defense and how the heck score TDs in the redzone.  They are pitiful and I am sick of watching this pass happy offense sling it around the field and then get squeezed in the redzone and find themselves kicking FGs.

This all in part to LT’s 2009 bust and trying to make Sproles a full time RB, what is really going on here?  How do they get the balance back?

Rivers can throw the ball and they have play makers all over the field.  However, I did like how the Broncos played Witten a few weeks back limiting him to 4 catches and 31 yards.  I think Gates is a better TE but it is comparable situation.

Denver on the other hand seems to be getting better and better.  Although, it is scary how good the defense has become in one year!  Is that possible in the NFL? Can you go from zero to hero that easily?  Champ Bailey has been hurt as the shut down corner and clearly he is back.  I have to think something is going to give tonight against Rivers offense but no doubt Broncos create some issues and stand up to their defensive success.

Then you have Broncos offense against Chargers gross defense thus far.  Orton kind of reminds me of Pennington, smart, efficient and does not play outside of his capabilities.  Like always, they have numerous RB options and Moreno is looking like a stud.  Marshall is back in the mix and beginning to gel with Orton and the team, a lot good things going on.

So here is my final thoughts and pick…..Click it

Enjoy the game tonight!

October 14, 2009 – Week 5 Newsletter


I appreciate all the kind remarks and suggestions on your experience.  We are continuing to add new features and functionality and have taken your advice in our development plans.  I am really excited about what we have coming!


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Some solid records last week.  Probably some members you should be following!!

Last Week NFL (>70%, >2 Picks)

100% (4-0)  jrmiller
100% (3-0)  MoneyShots
92%  (12-1) ncat12 (HOT!)
80%  (12-3) Soupy13 (HOT!)

80%  (4-1)   okilmer
80%  (4-1)   Sammitch23
80%  (4-1)   MondoTE11
80%  (4-1)   DapperDan
80%  (4-1)   Hugo
80%  (4-1)   gtall20
77%  (10-3) taco_tues
75%  (3-1)  Tilterson
75%  (3-1)  TheGambler
75%  (3-1)  fl0yd
75%  (3-1)  CINGreiss
75%  (3-1)  kntksports
75%  (3-1)  ndbattle
71%  (5-2)  nubbins91
71%  (5-2) coldinwy
70%  (3-1) Matt78

Last Week NCAAF (>70%, >2 Picks)

100% (6-0)  Doug Mutie
88%   (3-0)  barbershop
83%   (5-1)  DoctorMike
83%   (5-1)  omar
81%   (6-1)  DMo
80%   (4-1 ) BLUMPKINS
75%   (3-1)  AChew24
75%   (3-1)  MrHustlah
75%   (3-1)  Nigel980
75%   (3-1)  Niko
75%   (3-1)  Sheehan980
72%   (6-2)  Signman
71%   (10-4) RB
71%   (5-2)  Pokey33
71%   (5-2)  joverto
70%   (7-3) aztecdj

Thanks and do not hesitate to email me anytime.


Jets@Dolphins: MNF Breakdown

Jets @ Dolphins (+3, 36.5)

The the Dolphins always present tough games to predict because there is no way to know how well any defense can defend the wildcat. Thus far this season, the Dolphins have the best rushing team with 183per/g and number one against the run at 61per/g. Unfortunately, Miami’s pass offense and defense are on the opposite spectrum and effectively the bottom feeders in the league. However, is it a bit misleading since Pennington went down and they played the red hot Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers pass happy offense.

The Jets on the other hand rush the ball pretty well, 7th in the league, but similarly struggle with their pass offense resulting in the bottom 3rd of the league. Even though the Jets have a strong defense and do not give up many points, they are 13th against the run and probably the most notable stat in this game.

Do the Jets load up the box and force Henne to beat them? I would think that is the basic game plan?

People think Denver is overrated but I think the media and league thinks too much of the Jets at this point. Even when defenses know the wildcat is coming it is still tough to defend and I think it may present problems for Jets and Miami will be able to move the ball here and there.

The Jets offense does not impress me as much as Miami’s defense given their schedule thus far. A game of field position, plus do not forget what it is like to play in the heat of Miami.

Niko’s Play

16-13 game, edge to Miami at home. Picking a side I have little confidence either way.

Under 36.5 – 200 Point Play

NEB @ MIZZ: MNF Breakdown

Thursday Night Football: Nebraska @ Missouri (+3.5, 52.5)

First and foremost do not discount Nebraska’s defense!  Giving up 7ppg, 7 turnovers and 10 sacks!  Neither team in the matchup has played much of any competition except Nebraska @ VaTech where they should have won outright on the road.

Nebraska enters this game averaging 39.2ppg and 440 total ypg. The offense has performed well and has not had many turnovers either, just three, 2 of which were in the VaTech game. Quarterback Zac Lee has started well and has completed 64.8 percent of his pass attempts for 927 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Nebraska run game is more than solid as Roy Helu Jr. has rushed for 464 yards and five scores, helping Nebraska’s ground attack average a 183.8 ypg. Nice!!

Missouri’s offense is moving the ball too, averaging 453.0 ypg.  Quarterback Blaine Gabbert, first-year starting quarterback, has thrown for 1,161 yards with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Unlike Nebraska, Missouri’s rush attack is hurrrtingggg only averaging 3.8 ypc.  Their rushing game has totaled just four touchdowns this season. That is why they struggle int the red zone where Missouri has only converted 7 of their 15 opportunities into touchdowns.

Surprisingly, Missouri’s defense is not shabby only allowing 15.5 ppg against a some solid offensive teams.

Niko’s Play

Everyone always likes to take home dogs on a nationally televised game.  I think Missouri is still riding the hype from years past with Chase Daniels, everyone still has that team in their mind.  Nebraska is finally coming into their own from all the years with deadbeat Callahan.  Nebraska is balanced on both sides of the ball and I loved the way they played at VaTech.  Their defense will keep the one dimensional Missouri offense in check, especially in the red zone.  If Missouri cannot generate TDs in the red zone against poo poo defenses, I do not expect things to get better tonight.  I will respect Missouri’s defense thus far as I think they have improved from years past.  Look for Nebraska to control the clock and game.

Nebraska -3.5 100 Point Rating

Under 52.5 500 Point Rating

October 6, 2009 Newsletter

October 6, 2009


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Community Spotlight

Hot NFL Members

100% (2-0) SharkMan
100% (2-0) Sullivkd
100% (2-0) Survivor
88% (7-1) Milldog41
80% (4-1) Rick
75% (6-2) TEAM EAMM
75% (3-1) Scorchy
71% (5-2) Niko

Pick Logic Spotlight – PETEROSE
IND -10 and says: “Seattle and Indy defenses are comparable (11 and 12 in the league), however the Indy
offense is ranked 4th while Seattle is 10th. There’s no way that Seattle can keep up. Manning is clicking and
I expect to see the Indy rushing attack to get started this week.”

Hot NCAAF Members

100% (2-0) TEAM EAMM   
(4-1) CornInAJar
75% (3-1) VA Kennels
75% (6-2) Doug Mutie
71% (5-2) Omar

Pick Logic Spotlight – NIKO
Clemson 21 Maryland 24
MD +12.5 and says: “MD reminds me of Skins thus far, but I have to think at some point the team is sick of being
embarrassed. This is the week or its all downhill from here. Terps keep it close.”